The gyroscope is a small training aid, nevertheless its results are tremendous.

With the Zero Golf Gyro training aid, you will learn to position the club face correctly, i.e. square stance. Using the marble and the metric in the  Gyro, you can set the corect position of the club during set up and guide it trough the correct motion, not only during the back swing, but throughout the whole swing until the very end. Thanks to this, you can be certain of making straight shots.

The Gyro can be attached to the shaft of Zero club as well as classic golf clubs.

Who is the Gyro for? Simply everyone!

A beginner golfer can have a faster start, and an advanced golfer will learn to work better with side spin, trajectory, and gain more control over their shots.

Place your marble inside the Gyro and let the game begin.

+20 minutes of training with a trainer in Hodkovičky

60 $

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